About Us

Our mission at Gigs420 was to create a streamlined environment for job seekers and employers to quickly find and post jobs in the cannabis industry.  We created  a site with many relevant categories and very affordable pricing for employers.  And we are always free to job seekers.
If you are interested in partnering with us, have comments about our site or would like to advertise here, please use the Contact Us page to drop us a note.

Our Social Media Policy

gigs420.com is committed to ensuring that all social media content meets our social media policy. Below you will find a summary of our policies, which ensure any experience with gigs420.com online is a positive one.

Social Media Standards

1. We will be Transparent 
2. We Follow the Law
3. We will be Responsible and use Common Sense
4. We will be Professional at all times
5. We will be fair, prudent and mindful
6. We Avoid Deception
7. We exercise Respect and Humility in all communication
8. We do not make negative comments about competition or other stakeholders
9. We give credit where credit is due
10. We don’t violate the rights of others
11. We understand that Consistency builds trust


If you feel that any of our online content does not meet these standards, please feel to contact us at: support@gigs420.com

We appreciate your support and look forward to helping you find the perfect cannabis industry job for you!