Are There High Paying Jobs In The Cannabis Industry? | Gigs 420

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Are There High Paying Jobs In The Cannabis Industry? | Gigs 420


There are many different rewarding positions for those who want to get high paying jobs in the cannabis industry. The US cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar business, so it takes a lot of work and dedication to ensure business success. Though a relatively new industry, the marijuana market has several well-paying jobs for various professions. If you already have skills in a high-paying field, combining them with knowledge about marijuana can create new job opportunities, especially if you live or are willing to relocate to a state where recreational or medical marijuana is legal. Here are some of the high paying jobs in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Consultant

Consulting is known to be a well-paying career, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Cannabis consultants can earn up to six-digit figures by combining their experience of local and state cannabis regulations with their history as accountants, lawyers, or people who have worked in another area of ​​the marijuana industry.

They can also help entrepreneurs with tax requirements and bookkeeping, which can be particularly complicated since marijuana is mostly a cash-in-hand business activity due because federal regulations that prevent banks from taking proceeds from the industry. Cannabis consultants are some of the professionals in the industry with six figures salaries, especially in states where cannabis is legal.

Master Extractor

The Master Extractors take marijuana plants and transform them into oils and other forms of concentrates. As the industry continues to grow, and more and more people use oils and concentrates derived from marijuana, the need for master extractors has increased.

One of the responsibilities of a master extractor is to oversee an extraction laboratory's daily operation. In addition, an expert extractor will ensure that the laboratory operates following government directives.

They are often required to manage the entire extraction operation, including team members, equipment safety, and precise levels of cannabinoids and terpenes extracted for use in concentrate or oils.

Head Grower

A Head grower is the person who makes the final decisions on all farm issues, including the planting procedures for each strain and its maintenance schedule, as well as ensuring that the equipment is maintained correctly and compliant security standards.

Their primary role is to coordinate the daily operation of the cannabis farm, ensuring that all employees know exactly what to do and that everyone is aware of the strict laws and regulations that must be followed at all times. They must also keep detailed records of the growth process from the start of each plant's life to the end, ready for inspection by compliance inspectors.

Dispensary Manager

Their role is to supervise the daily tasks of the dispensary, handling the needs of all patients, developing a team of friends who are passionate about medical cannabis, and compliance with local and state laws and regulations.

Like any other manager, this set of individuals will manage, supervise, and direct the designated personnel's activities. It will make recommendations concerning the hiring, discipline, dismissal, or promotion of employees.

Edibles Chef

As an Edibles Chef, you are responsible for creating all kinds of cannabis-based foods. In recent years, the need for Edibles Chef has increased dramatically, and, in turn, many new and creative ways to use edible marijuana have been discovered. Now is the perfect time for experienced chefs. They are interested in the science behind cooking and love to invent new unique recipes to immerse themselves in the edible cannabis industry.

Working as the head of an edibles department requires you to supervise the production process of their delicious creations, making sure that the final products include the right dosage and comply with regulations.

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