Packaging Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Olusegun Akinfenwa
Packaging Jobs in the Cannabis Industry
Although we have different niches in the cannabis industry ranging from budtenders to cultivators, only a few people are aware of the significance of packaging to the marijuana market, which has now been tipped as the new billion-dollar industry. Cannabis production is highly regulated and guided by a lot of laws. Products with a significant content of cannabis are packaged differently from other products, due to the protocols that guide the industry. For instance, any product with cannabis as one of its major constituents must have the THC symbol on its childproof container. This makes packaging jobs some of the most sought-after in the emerging market. If you are looking for opportunities in the marijuana industry, packaging job is one of the areas to consider.

How Big is the Cannabis Industry in the United States?

You must have heard that the U.S. is the leading market in the cannabis industry. Yes, this is because the industry gives people with different interests the leeway to bring their dream to reality. From investors to medical practitioners, and to job seekers, just about any aspiration can be achieved within the United States cannabis industry. It is then not surprising to see the country dominate the global market.

Cannabis for Various Purposes

The usefulness of cannabis in pharmaceutical industries, pain relief management, cancer treatment, spinal cord injury with spasticity, among others, has strengthened the marijuana industry in recent times. Presently, 33 states in the United States of America have given the nod for the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Interestingly, the industry has created more than 243,000 jobs, which is a whopping 15% increase from the statistics got in the year 2019. With the rise in demand for cannabis in different health sectors, it is estimated that more than 414,000 people will have been employed in the industry by 2021.

How Significant is Packaging to the Cannabis Industry?

Just like in every business, how a product is packaged plays a significant role in how appealing it will be to its end users. In the cannabis industry, one of the biggest concerns for new startups is the packaging. Due to the competition in the market, marijuana dispensaries strive to stand out with their package. Meaning the usefulness of packaging goes beyond putting a product in a container, but also to attract customers. It is then not surprising to see packaging brands make waves in the marijuana market. Brands like Kush Bottles have sold more than 100 million units of packing containers to over 4000 legally operating cannabis companies in South America, North America, and Europe. It is evident that packaging jobs in the cannabis industry, popularly called the Green Rush, abound, and you can never be wrong going for a career in this niche. While there are varying cannabis laws in U.S. states, packaging guidance is of paramount interest to the authorities. In California, for instance, the state’s cannabis packaging must follow the following rules:

  • Cannabis packaging cannot look similar to traditional food packaging
  • Edibles are to be in opaque packages
  • Must be childproofing, and contains no language or cartoon that could appeal to children
  • All cannabis packaging must be temper resistant

Finding Packaging Jobs in the U.S. Cannabis Industry? Where to Begin Your Search

Presently, hundreds of websites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, and Simplyhired daily advertise tons of packaging opportunities in the cannabis industry. Even as a beginner, there are many books on the cannabis industry that give insights on what the packaging niche requires. We also have some free online classes that teach “introduction to cannabis packaging.” Another option is to register for events on the cannabis industry and network with people that are already in that line of business. To boost your chances, you can also acquire relevant skills and certifications like OLCC Marijuana Workers Permit in Oregon. This will position you as a good fit for hundreds of high-paying jobs. You can even volunteer or intern with the cannabis industry just to gain experience. There is 99% assurance that the company will retain you if you are exceptional, hardworking, pay attention to details, and highly teachable.

I Don’t Have Previous Experience: Do I stand a Chance?

Well, it depends on the company and the position you are applying for in the company. Honestly, most of the packaging jobs in the cannabis industry require, at least, a little work experience. The experience can be in the form of volunteering, internship, online certifications, training, seminars, etc. Since the Cannabis market is still young and growing, we have a limited number of workers in the industry, and your passion, commitment, background research of the industry, skills, and comportment might get you the job with little or no experience.

As earlier said, the Cannabis industry requires maximum attention to details, carefulness, and utmost professionalism. You must be careful in selecting materials for packaging, and all relevant laws and regulations must be followed. 

States With the Highest Cannabis Job Opportunities

  • California               39,804
  • Colorado                34,705
  • Washington           23,756
  • Oregon                  18,274
  • Florida                   15,498
  • Arizona                 15,059
  • Nevada                 14,305
  • Massachusetts     13,255
  • Oklahoma               9,412
  • Illinois                     9,176

Amazingly, only a few of the workers are in the packaging niche. Most of them are in transportation and logistics, dispensary budtenders, cultivations, etc. Packaging niche in the cannabis industry is still relatively untapped. So, you have more than enough options to explore in various U.S. states, especially if you are well equipped with industry knowledge.

Where Can Can I Access Up to Date Information About Job Openings in the Cannabis Industry?

As earlier said, register on different websites like Indeed, Linkedin, Gigs420, Simplyhired, etc. and have a good profile. Indicate your openness to packaging jobs in the cannabis industry, and voila, hundreds of them will keep rolling in for you to select the one you want.