Best Cities to Work in the CBD/Cannabis Industry

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Best Cities to Work in the CBD/Cannabis Industry

In some U.S. cities, jobs in the CBD/cannabis industry are plentiful and becoming a permanent part of local economy. In fact, there are several localities where cannabis-related employment is growing or on the verge of becoming a huge part of a particular city's financial profile.

Where to Find Good-Paying CBD/Cannabis Jobs

Many U.S. states now allow the legal use of marijuana and cannabis products for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Nearly 30 states already are seeing job growth in the industry. From chemists and sales reps to delivery personnel and packagers, the jobs are multiplying quickly.

Since the early months of 2017, jobs in the CBD/cannabis/marijuana/weed industry have slowly been appearing in California, Oregon, Washington and other places where laws are loosening up. San Francisco, LA, and Sacramento are the leaders of California's cities for cannabis/CBD job growth.

Elsewhere, the other seven of the top ten cites in this new industry include Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Portland and Spokane. For a while, at least, states that have passed full or partial legalization ordinances, like California, Washington and Colorado, will lead the industry in job creation.

The Changing Terminology of the Industry

The terms marijuana, weed, cannabis and CBD all have different textbook definitions, but for job-seekers in the newest U.S. economic sector, those search terms are often used interchangeably. While marijuana and weed are older words that refer to a form of the cannabis plant that was usually smoked, the newer lingo like "cannabis" and "CBD" are more accurate.

The fresh jargon describes an industry based on multiple products of the cannabis sativa plant, some smoked, some eaten, others ingested as oil or liquid drops. Professionals in the cannabis/CBD job sector are less likely to hear terms like "weed" and "marijuana" unless the words specifically describe a smoked variant of the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, often called CBD or "hemp oil" is usually a non-THC-containing derivative of the cannabis plant that is entirely legal in all U.S. states.

What are Some of the Cannabis/CBD Jobs in the Top Cities?

It's not enough for job-seekers to know where to look for employment in the burgeoning CBD industry, they also need to know what best-paying jobs are. The following cities, all of which are cannabis-friendly, need workers in all areas of the business. Here's a breakdown of the locations and the kinds of job skills that might soon be able to bring in good salaries:

Los Angeles: The recent growth of "cannabis consumption" social clubs means that LA could soon be at the forefront of a mini-boom for job seekers with skills in the retail restaurant industry, in entertainment marketing, and club promotion. It will be interesting to see how many people who already do those jobs in traditional industries cross over to the CBD/cannabis sector.

San Francisco: It has become something of a legal conundrum for law enforcement officials to determine which CBD/cannabis businesses are legit and which aren't. That means there is a growing demand for compliance personnel to personally visit business sites and run through checklists that will reveal whether a given entity is running afoul of the law.

Portland: In Oregon, there has been a surge in accounting jobs related to the CBD/cannabis industry. This is a unique wrinkle that currently applies to just a few cities but has the potential to mean an entirely new branch of the financial planning sector. Already, accountants skilled in preparing tax returns and doing long-term planning for CBD businesses are turning a substantial profit by knowing the ins and outs of cannabis accounting.

Denver: Denver is a city that currently has a need for marketing professionals in the CBD industry. New laws have led to a booming cannabis dispensary business, which means stiff competition for market share. Professionals who know how to assist startup companies with competitive analysis, basic marketing, and industry positioning will be among the new crop of the CBD economy's winners.

Whether in Denver, LA, San Francisco or elsewhere, the CBD/cannabis industry is poised to significantly change the way local economies look. It will also mean a wide variety of jobs for people who understand niche marketing, know how to do specialized accounting and possess unique management skills.

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