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Cannabis Budtenders | Gigs420


As the legal medical and recreational marijuana industry grows in the United States, many more investors and businesses are investing in the burgeoning market that is believed to worth $75.69 billion by 2026. The exponential growth has opened up more opportunities for cannabis job seekers. And one of the most sought after cannabis jobs is budtender position. If you have ever nursed the ambition of doing a cannabis job as a budtender, now is the best time to leverage the U.S. fast-growing, billion-dollar marijuana market for your career aspiration.

Cannabis Budtender Job Description

Cannabis Budtenders work at marijuana dispensaries and their key responsibility is customer service related. As a budtender, you must be able to demonstrate an appreciable knowledge of cannabis products sold at the dispensary as you will work behind the canter attending to customers. The role involves ensuring customer satisfaction with every product they buy from the company. You are expected to be up to date with the latest in the industry as your customers will rely on your expertise in making their buying decisions.

You should know the right cannabis-based product to recommend for each customer based on their health or recreational needs, budget, lifestyles, and their history of marijuana use. For instance, a first-time cannabis user will likely need a lower dose of cannabis content in a product compared to a long-time user. In the same vein, a fun seeker needs will likely differ from someone who needs marijuana-based product for health issues. You will need to constantly research the latest within the industry to meet the varying needs of different categories of customers.

What are the Qualifications and Requirements for Budtenders?

The requirements will depend on each cannabis company and the marijuana laws in your state. The academic qualification varies by states, but you must have at least a high school diploma. You will also need to acquire the Cannabis Work Permit of your state, and be at least 21 years of age, in many states. As stated by Vangst, you will get tons of questions from your customers which must be accurately answered as a budtender. Among other things a cannabis budtender will most likely be required to possess the following skills:

  • Deep knowledge of various cannabis products
  • Top customer service skills
  • Listening and communication skills

  • Organizational and record-keeping skills

Does the Job Position Pay Well?

Budtender jobs are usually paid on an hourly basis. According to Vangst, the salary average of $14.90 per hour. In some dispensary jobs, budtenders are paid as much as $18 per hour. As a less specialized position, budtender job may not be among the highest paying cannabis jobs, such as extraction technicians, managers, and supervisors, which can pay as high as $150,000 a year. However, it is a position which huge prospects that can be leveraged to acquire more industry skills and experience after getting a foot in the door, especially if you have a passion for cannabis products. As the industry grows bigger by the day, the salary scale in the marijuana field is believed to increase significantly.

Currently, there are more than 30 states in the U.S. with medical cannabis legalization and 9 out of these states also have legalized recreational marijuana use. These over 30 cannabis-friendly states have the largest number of cannabis jobs for job seekers. As of April 2020, there are over 240,000 cannabis jobs across the United States. And this figure is expected to rise to at least 414,000 jobs by 2021. All these are indications that cannabis job applicants will continue to be perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the exponential growth in the marijuana market as more and more dispensary jobs will continue to spring up.

How Gigs420 Can Help You Get Cannabis Jobs

Though the cannabis industry is an emerging one, it is fast becoming highly competitive due to the large number of people seeking employment opportunities there. You, therefore, need to leverage all available means, especially referrals and following the happenings in the field. There are various organized cannabis events in different U.S. states. Attending such outings will allow you to connect with industry players. You should also be in the know of the job opportunities in the country by following the online platforms dedicated to cannabis jobs like Gigs420.

Here at, we are dedicated to providing a streamlined environment for job seekers and employers to quickly find and post jobs in the marijuana industry. By using our platform, landing your dream job in the cannabis field becomes easier. We also provide an update on the developments within the industry across the United States. For recent job offers check out click here.