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Cannabis Edible Chef Jobs | Gigs420


The marijuana industry has, in the past few years, created a wide range of jobs for job seekers in the United States and other parts of the world. Among the most sought after skills in the cannabis world, marijuana edible chef is one of the most desirable cannabis jobs, which has attracted interest from individuals, especially those with various culinary background or passion. If you have been considering a cannabis job as an edible chef, there is no better time to leverage the fast-growing industry than now. Marijuana edible chefs make cannabis-based pastries, chocolate and other related edibles.
How to Get Cannabis Jobs as Edible Chef

Making cannabis-based edibles requires a high level of creativity, which is quite different from just having general culinary skills. Generally speaking, the required education to work as a cannabis edible chef is postsecondary education in culinary arts. However, honing your skills and getting some specialized cannabis qualifications will increase your chance of landing a job in this position quicker and being paid handsomely. Fortunately, while none of the mainstream culinary schools in the U.S. is specifically structured for cannabis edibles, there are several cannabis cooking classes in different cities across the country. Attending these classes will give you an insight into what the position entails and provide you with the requisite skills to land a cannabis job as a chef. Alternatively having a certificate or associate degree in culinary or in cannabis health or science-related course is another way of boosting your chances of becoming a cannabis edible chef.

Marijuana edible chef position is usually a typical 9 to 5, full-time position. It has provided a means of livelihood for numerous people. Currently, there are more than 30 states with varying cannabis legalization laws in the U.S. The industry has created no less than 243,000 marijuana dispensary jobs and other cannabis positions in the country. It was also predicted that the number of cannabis jobs in the United States would reach 414,000 by 2021. To work as marijuana edible chef, you must be at least 21 years old.

What Does the Cannabis Edible Job Entail?

Those common marijuana edibles sold in stores are made by cannabis chefs. They creatively infuse marijuana into food to create pleasurable tastes for medical and recreational cannabis users. In addition to making pleasurable tastes, they must ensure that the quantity or marijuana in each product is in accordance with the cannabis law in the state. They make usual cannabis-based products such as chocolates, candies, sweets. Apart from these common edibles, marijuana chefs also use cannabis-infused oils and butter to prepare just about any edible they could think of. They are also responsible for packaging and labeling their products according to the cannabis packaging requirements in the states, and ensure the cannabis potency in each of the product is accurate.

How Much Are Cannabis Edible Chefs Paid?

According to, the average salary of cannabis edible chefs in the United States is between $50,000 and $100,000. It is usually an entry-level position that has a great job outlook, even for those with little knowledge of cooking arts in the cannabis industry who want to learn on the job. For those with expansive knowledge and skills, especially in the marijuana industry, the position pays much more. As we anticipate cannabis legalization from more states, there is believed to be more high paying jobs for different categories of professionals in the cannabis jobs, including edible chef positions.

How Gigs420 Can Help You Get Cannabis Jobs

Though the cannabis industry is an emerging one, it is fast becoming highly competitive due to the large number of people seeking employment opportunities there. You, therefore, need to leverage all available means, especially referrals and following the happenings in the field. There are various organized cannabis events in different U.S. states. Attending such outings will allow you to connect with industry players. You should also be in the know of the job opportunities in the country by following the online platforms dedicated to cannabis jobs like Gigs420.

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