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Cannabis Jobs for Extraction Technicians | Gigs420

Following its fast-growing market value and awareness level, the U.S. cannabis industry has created several opportunities for job seekers, including existing and new positions. One of the relatively new professions in the field is marijuana extraction. Though not so popular, especially to those outside the industry, cannabis extraction is one of the most significant positions in the marijuana field.

Who is A Marijuana Extraction Technician?

A marijuana extraction technician is a highly-skilled individual responsible for producing cannabis concentrates from various chemical processing for medical and recreational use. One of the key areas of their job is the separation of cannabinoid trichomes from cannabis flowers. They make use of heat and pressure to refine cannabis plant matters into concentrates. They are mostly found in marijuana dispensaries.

How Rewarding is Marijuana Extraction Job?

Marijuana extraction is a highly sensitive role, in that if it is not handled professionally, it could lead to an explosion in the lab. So, it requires a high level of training and concentration. It is an experienced level job that pays one of the highest salaries in the industry. On average, marijuana extraction professionals earn around $80,000 to $120,000 yearly, and in some companies, the position pays as high as $180,000.

Do I Need Previous Experience and a Degree?

As explained above, cannabis extraction is not an entry-level job. It is a position for people with a vast experience in the industry. Generally speaking, one doesn’t have to be certified or be a medical marijuana cardholder to work in the cannabis industry. Many extraction professionals have for years been working in marijuana lab and have garnered the requisite skills to handle the position. There is no specific academic qualification for cannabis extraction job. The required qualification may range from high school diploma to PhD with requisite experience and skill to handle the job. People with a background in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Phytobiology, and Physics usually have the most related background for the position. Cannabis extraction technicians use solvents, such as ethanol, butane, carbon dioxide, to make marijuana concentrates. Their job may also involve the collection of samples to ascertain the potency of products, which is why top-level expertise is a must. In many companies, a marijuana extraction technician’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of lab equipment used for extraction
  • Loading and preparation of machines for extraction
  • Formulation and packaging of extracts
  • Operation of post-processing equipment
  • Moving of materials for post-processing

Just like most other cannabis jobs, a cannabis extraction technician must be at least 21 years of age.

Where to Get Cannabis Jobs in the United States

Currently, the marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing markets and leading employer of labors in the United States. There are over 243,000 cannabis jobs in the country, and most of these jobs are in states with the most cannabis-friendly environment. They include California, Colorado, Washington, which over 39,000, 34,000, and 23,000 cannabis jobs respectively. Apart from these three leading states, there are more around 30 other states with various legislations favoring cannabis use for medical and recreational purpose. Being a resident in any of these states puts you in a very good position of landing a cannabis job.

How Gigs420 Can Help You Get Cannabis Jobs

Though the cannabis industry is an emerging one, it is fast becoming highly competitive due to the large number of people seeking employment opportunities there. You, therefore, need to leverage all available means, especially referrals and following the happenings in the field. There are various organized cannabis events in different U.S. states. Attending such outings will allow you to connect with industry players. You should also be in the know of the job opportunities in the country by following the online platforms dedicated to cannabis jobs like Gigs420.

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