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Cannabis Jobs for Quality Assurance Manager | Gigs420

In just about a decade of the Green Rush in the United States, various cannabis job categories have sprung up in the country’s marijuana industry. They include cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and retail. Each of these aspects of the marijuana market plays a significant role in delivering finished cannabis-based products to the end-users. One of the most important roles in the industry is quality assurance, which is why experts in that field are among the most sought-after professionals by cannabis facility operators.

What Are the Responsibilities of Quality Managers in the Cannabis Industry?

Quality assurance experts are most needed at the extraction stage of marijuana-based products. The cannabis industry is a highly sensitive field with varying laws and expectations, from cultivation to packaging across the different U.S. States. This makes quality assurance a critical element for the industry stakeholders to meet the requirements laid down by the governing bodies. Just as in other industries, a lawsuit arising from noncompliance of manufacturing regulations is one of the most severe setbacks that can cost a cannabis business a huge amount of money and its reputation.

So, as a quality assurance manager, your role mainly involves minimizing risk and maximizing compliance to the laid down procedures for the best quality output. You will, among other things, be required to do the followings:

  • Formulate the quality standard for every cannabis-based product produced by the company
  • Ensure that each product meets the market standard in terms of potency, weight, and other related guidelines
  • Ensure each product undergoes the required testing
  • Train other workers for quality control
  • Carry out on floor records auditing, which includes logbooks, and sanitation
  • Create master labels for each product
  • Verify fulfilled orders from customers


Due to the sensitivity of the position, most cannabis companies prefer candidates with past experience in a related role. It is not compulsory to have worked in the marijuana industry. But you will need to have a few years of working experience in a regulated field, such as pharmaceutical or natural health product (NHP) manufacturing industry.

You will also need to have an academic qualification in a related field, preferably a minimum of bachelor’s degree. Proficiency in English, calculations, and the use of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook) is a must for most companies. You will also need to have extensive knowledge of the current Good Agriculture Practices, Good Handling Practices, and FDA regulations, and other regulations related to the industry.

How Rewarding are Cannabis Jobs in the United States?

Professions in the United States cannabis market has, in the past few years, been one of the highest paying jobs. There are different positions for job seekers, ranging from entry-level to C-level executive roles. In the extraction aspect of the industry where quality assurance managers mainly belong, the salary scale ranges from $49,000 to $122,000 per annum. For instance, as a quality manager, your annual pay stands between $51,500 and $89,000, depending on your level of experience and the company you work for.

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