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Cannabis Sales Representative Job | Gigs420


 As more Americans embrace the use of cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes, marijuana companies daily find themselves in need of sales experts to push their products to their end-users. If you have been looking for the highest paying jobs in the marijuana industry as a sales representative, now is the best time to leverage the fast-growing cannabis field for career fulfillment.

What Do Cannabis Sales Representative Do?

The roles of cannabis sales reps are similar to the same position in other industries. As a marijuana salesperson, your role majorly involves visiting existing and prospective dispensaries and stores for business opportunities between them and growers. You will be assigned a particular region to cover as the representative of the company.

The position requires being knowledgeable about all the products and all other aspects of the business, which includes the regulations guiding the cannabis industry in the state. You will need to be very committed and passionate about cannabis cultures. This will play a role in your success and overall growth on the job, as your output will be a significant determinant in the company's revenue growth. Depending on each company’s policy, sales representative pay may be salary or commission, or in some cases, on a salary + commission/bonuses basis.


For most companies, previous experience as a sales rep in any industry is required, and it is even more preferred having past marijuana industry experience. You must also be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license. Knowledge of the sales software and other relevant computer tools for sales experts is also an advantage.

How Rewarding is the Cannabis Sales Rep Position?

A sales representative is one of the most rewarding cannabis jobs in the marijuana industry. There are several opportunities you can leverage. For instance, major growers need sales reps to market their products to marijuana wholesales outlets. In the same vein, third party edible and concentrate outlets also need the service of the in-house sales rep to push their cannabis-based products to dispensaries.

In the past few years, the number of marijuana dispensaries in the United States has grown exponentially, thereby increasing the number of cannabis jobs in the country, especially sales representative jobs. There are thousands of cannabis dispensaries in the United States. According to a publication by Yahoo Finance, as of April 2019, there were over 12,600 locations where people could get marijuana in the United States. As more marijuana companies spring up, more dispensary jobs will continue to open for sales representatives in the industry. As you serve multiple clients in the field, you get to increase your knowledge of the industry and improve your rating and earning power as time goes on.

How Gigs420 Can Help You Get Cannabis Jobs

As we have more cannabis job openings in the United States, so does the number of job seekers in the cannabis industry increases by the day. This means the industry is becoming more competitive by the day. With this reality, every cannabis job seeker needs to leverage the leverage every possible avenue, especially the expertise of the professionals in the industry to boost their chances. This is where we come in.

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