Cannabis Transportation and Logistics Jobs: Finding the Best Opportunities in the CBD Industry

Olusegun Akinfenwa
Cannabis Transportation and Logistics Jobs: Finding the Best Opportunities in the CBD Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. and other parts of the world. The CBD global market was expanding at an amazing rate of 33.5% CAGR and expected to reach $4263 million by 2026. In the United States, the industry is a major employer of labor with several job openings for both skilled and unskilled labor. As of February 2019, the marijuana industry had created 210,000 full-time U.S. jobs. Fast forward to 12 months after, the figure had moved to 243,700 jobs, showing an increase of 33,700 jobs, which equals a 15% year-over-year increase. By 2021, the industry is expected to create 414,000 jobs in the United States.
While there are various categories of employment opportunity in the industry, the increasing nationwide awareness of the benefits of CBD products has made logistics and transportation job one of the most needed in the U.S. cannabis market. The medical cannabis dispensaries need transporters to get their products to the end-users. Going by the recent cannabis deregulation efforts across various states now is the best time to look for and land a job in the industry. If you are looking for a driving/delivery position, the hemp industry might just be your best bet.
How to Get Transportation/Logistics Jobs in the Cannabis Industry
The most advertised cannabis transportation and logistics job positions in the cannabis market are delivery drivers. Other related openings may include purchasing and distribution. Your job description will determine the specific responsibilities and itineraries to expect. Logistics professionals will most likely be involved in cultivation, purchase and distribution of cannabis. The position is usually reserved for experienced workers due to the magnitude of responsibility entailed.
Cannabis driving job, on the other hand, has fewer responsibilities and is usually an entry-level job. Getting a cannabis delivery position is similar to what obtains in other industries – meaning you must prove that you are qualified and of good behavior. The general requirements include having a valid driver’s license, no felony record, and proof of a clean driving record. This is, however, dependent on the cannabis law in each state. In some states, certain felonies are allowed. For example, in California, you may be allowed to get cannabis delivery job and other marijuana positions if your felony case is older than 10 years. Contrastingly, a state like Pennsylvania, doesn't allow anything higher than summary offense. It is important to know what the law says in your state before applying.
Other Requirements
In most states, you will have to be at least 21 years of age and resident of the state with a valid State-issued ID. While there’s no law banning you from applying for jobs in another state, it may be difficult landing a job outside your state. This is because employers get many resumes for each job advert, and will rather avoid an employee who will need to relocate when they can easily get a local applicant who is as qualified. The cannabis driving job may be a full-time or part-time position. You also need to be physically fit, and in most cases, you must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.
Must I Have Previous Experience?
This will depend on each company. Generally, all it requires top get marijuana delivery job is a clean driving record and a valid driver's license. However, preference may be shown towards those who have worked as deliverers or couriers in the past, especially if their past experience was in the marijuana industry. A high school diploma or GED is another general requirement.
Because it is a budding industry that promises to have great prospects, many job seekers daily seek career opportunity in the U.S. legal marijuana industry. For each job opening, there are about 100 resumes – this means the most outstanding applicants will scale through ahead of others. It is therefore highly recommended that you boost your chances by attending State-recognized training, especially if you don’t have previous industry experience.
Where to Find Cannabis Transportation/Logistics Jobs
Over 33 states in the U.S. have varying legislation for cannabis use. As expected, states with the most friendly cannabis environment have more job openings for transporters. Top on the list of the biggest employers is California State. Denver, especially the capital, Colorado is another major city with several opportunities for job seekers. The city has been identified as the biggest per-capital marijuana job market, boasting of one job per 165 residents. A 2020 report shows the standings thus:
U.S. States and Number of Marijuana Jobs
California        39,804
Colorado         34,705
Washington    23,756
Oregon           18,274
Florida             15,498
Arizona           15,059
Nevada           14,305
Massachusetts 13,255
Oklahoma        9,412
Illinois              9,176
To boost your chances of getting hired, you may need to beam your searchlight in one of the above states. And if you live in any other cannabis-friendly state, chances are there is a cannabis driving position opening at a hemp dispensary near you.
Where Can Can I Access Up to Date Information About Job Openings in the Cannabis Industry?
Though the industry may be new, more people now recognize cannabis jobs as valid business and profession that doesn’t only pay bills but can also give career fulfillment. This has led to the springing up of many startups in the industry and more job adverts on Linkedin, Indeed, and other similar platforms. Today, with simple Google search queries like dispensary jobs, cannabis near me, you will get many results leading to a cannabis industry hiring near you. Apart from these, there are various online platforms solely dedicated to jobs in the marijuana industry. Our website Gigs420, for instance, is one of such avenues. We don’t just give cannabis job information, we also provide an accessible avenue where both employers and job seekers in the marijuana industry can meet, hire and get hired. If you have been searching for an opportunity in the industry, we are here to help you achieve your dream.