Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic the Cannabis Industry is Still Hiring | Gigs 420

Olusegun Akinfenwa
Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic the Cannabis Industry is Still Hiring | Gigs 420


Only a few sectors have proven to be economic recession-resistant in recent months. In the past few months, the COVID-19 has significantly affected many businesses, causing many job losses and economic downturn. However, while many industries, such as restaurants, sports, and clubs remain closed, essential sectors, including the cannabis industry are still much open for business.

In many states in the U.S., marijuana-related activities are considered as essential during the lockdown, giving the industry the leeway to boom. This has improved the fortune of many marijuana dispensaries and retail shops. It is then not surprising seeing that the cannabis industry is still hiring despite the COVID-19 economic downturn.

Many Positions are Still Open for Cannabis Jobs Seekers

According to Vangst, there are about 600 vacancies per week in various states where marijuana use is legal. That's good news, giving the fact that the pandemic has caused at least 30 million Americans their jobs.

From March to April, when some U.S. states were on lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Vangst saw a 300% increase in new candidates on its network. As of early 2020, the legal cannabis industry has employed 243,700 people, mostly full-time, high paying job positions. That's double the number of employees in 2017, indicating that the legal plant industry has shown minimal signs of slowing, despite being banned at the federal level.

Topmost Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

In addition to the significant vacancies in the cannabis industry, which are farmers or growers of cannabis, many other jobs in the cannabis industry require skilled workers. Of course, there have been some setbacks, which have slowed down things a little bit since the pandemic began. However, there are still several high paying job opportunities in the U.S cannabis market related to growing, producing, cultivating as well as marketing, and selling.

What Does the Future of the Cannabis Industry Look Like after The Pandemic?

The effects of the Pandemic will persist and challenge the operations of many companies. And just like every recession, businesses that are calculative and well-positioned will weather the storm of the economic crisis.

One of the most important developments that have emerged from this pandemic is the growing recognition of the cannabis industry. Marijuana dispensaries have finally gained an essential status. This made industry players believe that the long-awaited reforms in the cannabis market are in the right direction. With this recognition, championing the full legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana use in more places may become easier than it used to be. And of course, that may also help change the negative stigma associated with its use and possession. The development will rub off on the fast-growing market value, which is believed to worth $97.35 by 2026.

Hope for Jobseekers in the Cannabis Industry

The current reality will not only benefit the investors and business owners, the industry’s teeming workforce and job seekers will also immensely benefit. The U.S. legal marijuana market is expected to contribute at least 414,000 jobs by 2021 across the states where cannabis has been legalized. Although with the pandemic still wreaking havoc on the global economy, it remains to be seen if the figure will be feasible in the end. However, with the way the industry has fared so far, it is safe to say the marijuana job market will continue to wax stronger than many other sectors.

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