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Olusegun Akinfenwa
Dispensary Manager Jobs in the Cannabis Industry | Gigs420

For the past few years, the legal marijuana market has been one of the highest paying industries in the United States and other parts of the world. According to 2018 Salary Guide published by Vangst, the cannabis industry recorded a whopping 690% growth in job listing between 2017 and 2018, and an average salary increase of 16.1%. Top on the list of highest paying jobs in the United States cannabis industry is dispensary manager position, which is a very important role with high salary structure and other remunerations and prospects for career growth.

What Does a Cannabis Dispensary Manager Do?

The role of a dispensary manager comes with enormous tasks that require dedication and the utmost attention to details in and around the dispensary. It is, therefore, not surprising seeing it as one of the highest paying careers in the marijuana field. As a dispensary manager, your job description will depend on the cannabis laws in the state which you work. Generally, dispensary managers are expected to oversee operations at a dispensary. You may be asked to do some or all the following:

  •  Monitor the inventory of the cannabis product
  • Hire and train staff in different departments of the dispensary, which may include sales, service, and security staff
  • Facilitate and monitor measures for the safety and satisfaction of all employees and customers
  • Ensure proper handling of products during transactions
  • Facilitate smooth communication channels with the local community, law enforcement agencies, local and state officials, and vendors
  • Ensure that company policies and goals are upheld by every member of the staff

How Rewarding is Dispensary Manager Role?

Dispensary manager is one of the highest paying cannabis jobs in the industry. Your pay will largely depend on the financial strength of the company you are working for and your experience level. The significance of the position makes you the face of the dispensary. For this reason, dispensary owners are usually keen to ensure that their managers are motivated to perform at their optimum level. On average, cannabis dispensary manager annual pay ranges from $40,000 to $95,000.

Does the Role Require Previous Experience?

Having previous experience in the same role and in the cannabis industry is always an advantage. However, in the absence of that, being well-versed about the trending cannabis products and having management skills will also give you an edge. If you have worked in a customer service environment in the past, this will be another advantage. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to meet the state licensing and age requirements and be knowledgeable of the current state cannabis laws. You must possess a high level of industry knowledge, as customers and staff will rely on your expertise in the areas of compliance, production, and use of products.

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