Do You Need to be Certified to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

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Do You Need to be Certified to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

Cannabis Weed CBD marijuana, it goes by many names. The leafy, green plant is taking the nation by storm and many are wondering what this will mean for the employment rate. With 30 states having legalized the use of marijuana, thousands of jobs have surfaced, giving people an opportunity to make a good amount of money. Because so few states have legalized the use of marijuana, competitions between these states are pretty high, especially with only 8 of these states legalizing recreational smoking. These states include Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Alaska, Maine, and Massachusetts. With the support of the cannabis industry rising, many people are looking to pursue a career in the weed business. It’s not a requirement to be a weed smoker and there are plenty of job openings that don’t even come in contact with the actual plant. Before applying for one of these jobs, it’s important to know the skill set, certifications, and qualifications needed to have a successful career in this industry.

Do you need to be certified to work in the cannabis industry?

No, you do not need to be certified to work with marijuana. It is also not a requirement to have a medical marijuana card to work with medical marijuana. Certification requirements for certain companies can vary depending on location and state laws. Taking a course to increase your knowledge in cannabis can boost your chances of landing a job in the industry. There are so many job openings in the industry right now so taking courses of some kind can you set you apart from the 100’s of applicants. Most cannabis courses can be taken if you’re 18 years or older. However, many companies will require that you’re 21 years or older. Marijuana courses vary by state but there are also different majors such as accounting, law, or writing that can be taken at any university. There are several jobs that are essential to the cannabis industry and it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with them so that your options are always open.

5 jobs that are offered in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry has a variety of jobs that are open to people from different backgrounds and fields of expertise.


Budtending is one of the most sought-after jobs in the cannabis industry. Budtenders are pretty much the faces of the company. They interact with the patients/customers daily and orchestrate the sales for the company. Budtenders need to have knowledge on the difference between, indicas, sativas, and hybrids and be familiar with the different types of strains. To become a budtender, it’s recommended that you have some form of schooling or attend some seminars in your neighborhood. This will save the dispensary manager time because they won’t have to train you.

Dispensary Managers:

The dispensary manager trains the employees and handles the transactions of the dispensary. It’s the manager's job to keep up with the federal and state laws regarding the sale of marijuana. Also, the dispensary manager maintains proper communication between grow sites, law enforcement, and a variety of vendors.


Becoming an administrator is s good entry level job to gain knowledge in the cannabis industry. The administrator is the person at the front desk of the dispensary who checks your medical marijuana/identification card. Accountants manage the company’s finances including taxes, payroll, and budget.


Being an extractor is also one of the most high-paying, sought after job in the industry. It’s also one of the most dangerous jobs in the business. The extractor takes marijuana trimmings and can make hash and other concentrates that can be fused with edibles. As an extractor, you must be extremely knowledgeable in this trade to avoid any possible explosions and gas leaks. Training would definitely be required.

Sales Representatives:

It’s important for marijuana growers to form relationships with dispensaries and companies that will carry their bud (Cannabis Weed CBD and marijuana). Employers are looking for personable and knowledgeable applicants to sell their products to licensed buyers. Such transactions can be done at smoke sessions and get-togethers with private vendors.


There is a job for everyone in the marijuana business! Having security guards help workers feel safe and are sometimes the person to check your medical marijuana/identification card at the door. You don’t have to have detailed knowledge of cannabis to become a security guard.

According to, it is predicted that within the next two years, over 414,000 will be available in the industry. With so many opportunities open to us, how do we get that perfect job for us?

Tips on how to land a job working with marijuana:

When looking for a job working with marijuana, it’s not required that you smoke weed. Employers are more concerned with how you handle yourself professionally. Like any business, marijuana growers and dispensaries are looking for someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. Here are a few tips to help you land a job in the growing world of marijuana.

Expand your knowledge of cannabis:

Trying to get a job with the industry can be very competitive. You put yourself at a higher advantage if you know the current state laws, are familiar with cannabis itself, and are well-versed in the regulations your state has regarding the cannabis industry. Teach yourself all you can about marijuana so that your resume stands apart from all the rest.

Be Professional:

The world is watching the cannabis industry with a very close eye. It’s important to employers that their companies maintain a good, professional, self-image. Because of this, employers are hesitant about hiring people who come off as a stoner. Go into your interview with a professional, neutral attitude with knowledge on the company and the state laws. You’ll impress the employers and be one step closer to working in the industry.

If required, get your license:

Check with your state and see if there are any certification requirements for working in the marijuana industry. Each state is different so make sure to do your research before applying for a job. It’s helpful to start with a class that can teach you about state and federal laws and shows you how to get certified in your area.

The cannabis industry has brought people of all backgrounds together and it’s opened up hundreds of thousands of jobs. Marijuana is becoming more acceptable, so employers are looking for passionate, professional employees to manufacture, sell, and represent their business. Now is a better time than ever to get a job working with cannabis. Although it’s technically not required to get certified to work in the cannabis industry, it would boost your chances of getting the job. The booming business is of marijuana is just a couple of steps away!