How Cannabis Can Help You Fight COVID-19 Cabin Fever | Gigs 420

Olusegun Akinfenwa
How Cannabis Can Help You Fight COVID-19 Cabin Fever | Gigs 420


Cabin fever occurs when a person is confined in an isolated location or a place for a long time. Studies have shown that since the coronavirus pandemic began, many people in the U.S. have been having a hard time coping with boredom. Apart from that, other impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic include millions of job loss, lack of recreational activities, inability to hang out with family and friends have also heightened the unpleasant effects of the pandemic.

All these can be depressing and emotionally stressful at the same time. The good news is that you can overcome these unpalatable experiences with the use of cannabis. Studies show that Cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally-occurring compound in cannabis can help you find balance and rest if you are stressed out because of the lockdown.

The following are some of the ways cannabis can help you maintain your sanity and regain balance during this trying time.

Cannabis Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Lack of exercise, time outs with friends and family, income reductions, and job losses across the country can put even more pressure on our mental health. And with no final solution seems to be in sight, cannabis can come to the rescue. The use of CBD improves mood by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system to improve certain brain and body functions responsible for mood regulation. The antidepressant property in cannabis can help fight anxiety and depression.

Cannabis Can Improve Your Sleep

Insomnia and other sleep disorders are some of the symptoms of cabin fever. If stress keeps you awake at night or if you're not tired enough to sleep after staying at home all day, CBD can work as a herbal sleeping pill. The good news is that cannabis can help you sleep better with a rapid effect that would start almost immediately after taking the dose.

CBD Can Help You Feel Less Scared

At the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, people came out saying that fear was the real pandemic. As a result, the CBD Anxiety Study results suggest that cannabidiol may help reduce fear levels, which in turn boosts the immune system.

Focusing on positive emotions and admiration in particular (rather than fear) has a significant impact on your immunity and general well-being. In addition to CBD use, take the time to watch the sunrise, sunset, and other beautiful works of nature from your window, and you will start noticing how the stress, fear, and illness will start disappearing.

Cannabis Can Be a Natural Antidepressant

Social isolation, unemployment, and financial uncertainty are enough to depress everyone. But if you're struggling to stay positive, can CBD oil for stress help fight depression?

Cannabis has demonstrated efficacy in various depressive disorders in many clinical trials. According to a study, CBD was shown to be more effective than many conventional antidepressant drugs, including imipramine (a pharmaceutical antidepressant). It is not surprising to see many people starting their day with CBD dose to help improve their mood and energy level.

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