How to Choose the Right Company to Work for in the U.S. Cannabis Industry | Gigs 420

Olusegun Akinfenwa
How to Choose the Right Company to Work for in the U.S. Cannabis Industry | Gigs 420
There are more than 20 thousand cannabis businesses in over 30 states in the United States. Each of these companies has its uniqueness, in terms of business specialties and policies. As a job seeker, it is important to put all these factors into consideration when job-hunting in the cannabis industry. The following are some of the factors to look out for when looking for a job in the U.S. cannabis industry.
Career Progression

Findings have shown that above pays and benefits, jobseekers favor ‘meaningful work' as their topmost priority when choosing a company to work for. And one of the factors that define that is career progression. In the cannabis industry, many employees have risen through the ranks by starting form just the lowest rung of the ladder doing unspecialized jobs, to becoming top-earning, highly experienced workers with various specialized industry skills. It doesn’t matter your background or specialty, every employee needs an avenue to keep learning and developing. Without the platform to grow, one can easily become stuck and frustrated. So, before agreeing to work for a company, do your findings to be sure it will offer you career growth.

Work-Life Balance

Despite the many challenges facing the cannabis industry, there are still lots of marijuana companies, including dispensaries, grow facilities, and even retail businesses that still prioritize their employees’ welfare. You need to find out about the company’s policies as it concern employees welfare package, such as paid time off (PTO), holidays, health and insurance plans, and other incentives that will help you balance both your career growth and life fulfillment, as it terms of your personal and family life.

Does Your Personality Fit In?

We all have our individual personality, which reflects our inclination, dislikes, and sometimes our mood. It doesn’t matter how much you are paid, you cannot have a sense of career fulfillment doing a job you are not happy doing. To start with, you need to know that the U.S. cannabis industry has many branches, which include cultivation, dispensary, and retail. If you are the type that loves working on the field, you will most likely find it more enjoyable being hired by a grow facility than working in a position that requires sitting for long. So, before settling for that job, do your findings on the type of work environment and requirements, and be sure you have a matching personality for it.

What is the Company’s Financial Stand?

Of course, the U.S. cannabis industry is a relatively evolving industry where many businesses are still trying to find their feet. Finance constraint, coupled with several unfavorable federal regulations has been affecting the growth and projection of many U.S. marijuana businesses. Despite that, you shouldn’t overlook a company’s present financial fortune and its future outlook. Regardless of its size, a reliable company should be able to maintain a considerable level of a healthy balance sheet, client retention, and market share. All these will define the future of the company and help you decide if you can get your career aspirations fulfilled with them.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Almost every job seeker would like to work for leading companies in their industry. But in most cases, "leading firms" are defined in terms of market share, the number of employees, and other similar indices. This begs the question: is bigger always better? The answer is – not always. Depending on your career goals, you might want to look beyond a company’s size, especially if you are just starting out.

Of course, bigger companies may offer higher pay and other incentives. But on the downsides, you might have to spend the majority of your time working with peers and remain at the backgrounds for long, as there are many superiors ahead of you. You may not have the chance to take on more, higher specialized responsibilities that will expose you to valuable industry skills.

With smaller marijuana companies in the U.S., of course, the pay might be lower, but there is a higher chance of developing a wider range of expertise, due to its small size that may require you to wear more than one hat. So, this is not a straight-jacket issue. Sometimes, the bigger may be better, and sometimes, the smaller may just be much better. It’s all about knowing what you really want.

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