How to Get a Cannabis Job in Denver, Colorado | Gigs 420

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How to Get a Cannabis Job in Denver, Colorado | Gigs 420
The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. The country’s billion-dollar marijuana market currently has over 300,000 full-time employees. It is expected that the number of full-time employees will triple over the next three years.

While there are over 30 U.S. with cannabis legalization, Denver has been of the top choices for job seekers, owing to its large market size and numerous job opportunities. The Marijuana Sales Report released by the Colorado Department of Revenue shows that between 2014 and March 2020, the total marijuana sales in the state amount to over $8 billion dollars. Currently, Colorado has over 34,000 full-time employees in the cannabis industry.

Besides, as the cannabis jobs industries in Colorado continues to grow, the types of talent employers want will be changing. This is an indication that now is the best time to start a career in the state’s cannabis industry.

How to Position Yourself for High Paying Cannabis Jobs in Colorado

As cannabis jobs near you increase, it becomes easier to find work in the Colorado marijuana industry. The following are some of the ways to position yourself for jobs in Denver marijuana industry:

Leverage Online Platforms

  • Job sites: As cannabis jobs increase daily, many job sites post the vacancies in the cannabis industry. Many of them offer entry-level jobs. However, if you have more experience, you can consider many possible roles.
  • Local companies: Check the websites of local marijuana companies. These companies tend to advertise cannabis jobs near you on their site.
  • Online forums and discussion groups: Try to join an online cannabis forum or discussion group. They may know of jobs that are not widely advertised.
  • Social Media: Check social media and news from legal marijuana companies to find out who makes the right choices.

Use a Cannabis Staffing Firm

Finding a job alone in the cannabis industry can be difficult, especially as the industry gets competitive by the day, due to the large number of people looking for opportunities there. Engaging the service of an experienced human resources company will save you more time in attracting the right cannabis job in Denver, Colorado. Not only that, but you will find more quality opportunities than when you search for cannabis jobs on your own. Find a cannabis company that wants to combine your passion and skills with the ones that work for you.

Get Involved and Network

Start browsing marijuana sites for virtual events and conferences. Several cannabis companies organize free virtual events; Check out upcoming events and webinars for the Cannabis Industry Journal to get started.

It would also be a good idea to join professional groups on LinkedIn or Facebook to promote increase your chances. Show off your experience by participating in group conversations and posting relevant articles.

Improve Your Cannabis Industry Knowledge

While waiting for a response to your request, a reminder, or a follow-up interview, you should take the time to improve your marijuana knowledge.

Many professionals in other industries have managed to get into marijuana; however, many of them do not know much about it. You now have more time to get educated about cannabis, which will give you an advantage when employers review resumes.

How Gigs 420 Can Help You Get Cannabis Jobs

The marijuana industry is fast becoming competitive due to the growing number of job seekers seeking opportunities in the field. Beyond having the skillsets for your dream job, you should also be in the know about the happenings in the industry, especially in terms of cannabis job opportunities. And this is where can help.

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