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Job Opportunities for Medical Professionals in the Cannabis Industry | Gigs420


The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. It is also a major employer of labor. A Glassdoor report reveals that 53% of cannabis jobs in the United States are for those with professional and technician backgrounds. The report also showed that the median salary in the marijuana industry is 10.7% higher than what generally applies in the country.

How Rewarding is Medical Marijuana Jobs?

If you're a trained medical professional looking to advance your career in a stable and economically viable industry, you should take advantage of the lucrative deals in the fast-growing medical marijuana industry. Working in this field does not only provide attractive wages, but it also encourages career development in a friendly working condition. Thanks to an increasing discovery of the health benefits and medical uses of cannabis, there is an increase in its acceptance and use.

According to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), 33 states in the U.S have legalized cannabis for medicinal uses and the number continues to grow. This has led to the establishment of Medical Marijuana Clinics in many cities across the United States. Medical Marijuana Clinics specialize in offering cannabis-based therapies to patients. Multiple job openings are being created in the industry for different skill levels, including medical professionals. Medical professionals in high demand in the industry include nurses, doctors and pharmacists. These states with the cannabis-friendly environment are the easiest to get cannabis jobs as a medical practitioner.

Nursing Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis nursing is a special discipline for nurses who are learned in the medicinal applications of cannabis and the laws guiding its use. They attend to patients like any nurse, incorporating their knowledge of medicinal cannabis. Any licensed nurse can become a cannabis nurse. You only need to augment your credentials to better fit in the industry – meaning being certified for cannabis nursing jobs. You can achieve this by taking courses developed by the American Cannabis Nursing Association (ACNA). The courses require just a little time to complete. As a cannabis nurse, you stand the chance of earning between $32 to $35 per hour, and about $73,550 per annum, depending on the state.

Medical Doctor Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Many medical doctors are finding profitable jobs, working as cannabis-focused MDs. Working in medical marijuana clinics provide doctors with the opportunity to care for patients whose ailments can be successfully treated, using cannabis-based products. What is required for a doctor to qualify to prescribe cannabis defers from state to state. However, cannabis doctors are generally required to be conversant with research findings on the use of cannabis to treat ailments. As a Medical doctor for medical marijuana, you can take home $130,000 - $190,000 as annual income.

Pharmacist Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Pharmacists are another group of professionals in great demand in the industry, especially by cannabis medical clinics. There are several cannabis jobs for pharmacists in the United States. The clinics bring in Pharmacists because of their knowledge of the pharmacology of marijuana in the body. Pharmacists are well equipped to provide clinical advice to patients and they have adequate knowledge of proper management and dispensing of cannabis. If you work as a cannabis pharmacist in the U.S, you can expect to earn $92,300 - $118,000 a year.

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