Leading U.S. Cannabis Industry Employers with the Best Working Conditions for Jobseekers | Gigs 420

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Leading U.S. Cannabis Industry Employers with the Best Working Conditions for Jobseekers | Gigs 420


The United States cannabis industry has between 20 thousand to 28 thousand businesses. Just as it is in every other industry, some cannabis companies offer a better working environment and incentives for their workers. These are not necessarily companies with thousands or hundreds of employees or the largest market share, but it is more about those with the best packages for their workers, in terms of salaries, health plans, holidays, and other incentives that give career growth and fulfillment. In no particular order, the following companies are some of the best to work for in the U.S. cannabis industry.
4Front Ventures: Phoenix
4Front Ventures headquarters is located at Phoenix, USA. Since it was founded in 2011, the company has made its mark in the United States marijuana industry. It is one of the cannabis companies many job seekers would want to be part of, due to its encouraging employee welfare. 4th Ventures not only paying its workers fair wages, but it is also committed to other incentive packages, which include 100% company-paid life and health insurance premium and paid education and training for career growth.

4Front Ventures currently has over 100 employees and many job openings from time to time. The company’s business specialties include marijuana cultivation, processing, extracting, and manufacturing, as well as distribution and retail. In its less than a decade existence, 4Front Ventures has developed two 50,000 square foot indoor grow facilities in Washington, producing yields of more than 400g per square feet.

Akerna: Denver

Formerly known as MJ Freeway, Akerna headquarters is located in Denver, United States. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of software and IT professionals. Akerna focuses on the IT side of the marijuana business by providing cannabis industry operators with the information and tools needed to run successful and sustainable businesses and to comply with government regulations.

Akerna offers its more than 100 employees encouraging welfare package, which includes market-competitive salaries and 100% funded health benefits. Due to its mode of operation, employees also enjoy the flexibility of working from home and paid time off (PTO). It is one of the top cannabis IT company with hundreds of clients in more than 20 states in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Advanced Nutrients: Los Angeles

Founded in 1999, Advanced Nutrients is one of the most attractive cannabis companies for job seekers. Its employee's welfare package includes medical and dental insurance as well as a 401(k) retirement plan. The company also provides its employees with catered meals, snacks, and coffee service, special rewards programs, complimentary products, and subsidized gym memberships.

Advanced Nutrients has its focus on helping cannabis growers make the most of their yields. Its fertilizers and additives specifically made for cannabis plants have been identified as one of the best. The company largely consists of professionals who majored in agronomy and biology.

Arensco Laboratories: Los Angeles

Arensco Laboratories has been offering research and consulting services and independent analysis to food and food-related industries since 1943. In 2017, the company extends its services to the cannabis industry and has been identified as one of the best companies for employees in the cannabis industry. Some of the incentives enjoyed by its employees include vision and dental reimbursement, 100% paid Kaiser Health plans, daily breakfast and snacks, and annual paid holidays. All these are in addition to its semiannual performance bonuses and reviews, increasing PTO as per years of service, as well as a retention bonus.

Other leading cannabis companies in the U.S. include:

Baked Bros, Phoenix

BDS Analtytics Inc, Colorado

Broveda Inc., Minnesota

Bloom Farms, California

Canndenscent, California

Curaleaf, Massachusetts

Cresbo Lab, Chicago

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