Master Grower Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Olusegun Akinfenwa
Master Grower Jobs in the Cannabis Industry


With many nations decriminalizing its medical and recreational use, the production, packaging and sale of cannabis have become some of the highest paying jobs in the world. The global sale of cannabis in 2018 was reported by The Motley Fool to be $12.2 billion. And by 2019, the figure has risen to $16.9 billion, showing an impressive sales growth of 38%. With such a lucrative expanding market, many employment opportunities continue to open up for the different aspects of production.
There are positions for accountants, technicians, sales reps, storekeepers and even security personnel. But the role of the master grower is very essential. A master grower is an expert cannabis farmer who is responsible for cultivating cannabis on a large scale. The position is a highly sort cannabis job in the industry.
Is Master Grower Job Lucrative?

With the cannabis industry experiencing steady growth, master grower jobs continue to be in demand by marijuana companies. As a master grower, you can earn as much as $90,000 - $150,000 a year. If you work for some companies, you may also be entitled to a percentage of the company profit as part of your remuneration. Cannabis master growers enjoy a lot of benefits than other marijuana job positions, because of their significance to the productions and operations in the industry. To make it more interesting, as a master grower, you can work on a full-time, temporarily or on a part-time basis.

Job Description/Duties

A master grower is a professional who manages a large marijuana farm, usually on behalf of a major company. You will be responsible for the whole production of the plant from seed selection, pest management, irrigation, weeding, breeding, to harvesting. You may also have to often coordinate other staff in the cultivation sector of the cannabis facility. The position requires years of experience and expertise. When hiring for a master grower, companies look for someone who is not only vastly experienced in cannabis cultivation but can also combine it with human management skills.The duties of a master grower include:

  • Excellent cannabis farm maintenance practices.
  • Ensuring proper soil structure and nutrients for the plants.
  • Adequate application of pesticides.
  • Adequate light and spacing for cannabis plants.
  • Ensuring proper temperature and humidity.
  • Managing human and material resources effectively.
  • Comply with the law.
A master grower is an unofficial status or certification conferred on an individual believed to be capable of overseeing all aspects of marijuana cultivation. You can become a master grower through years of dedication to the cultivation of cannabis or through university education. Some cannabis master growers usually hold a bachelor’s or higher degree in botany, horticulture, agriculture or other related fields. If you do not have that particular level of education or area of a university degree, you can still become excellent master growers if you have over five years of experience in cultivating cannabis in industrial quantity.

Cannabis master growers usually need to be licensed by the state in which they work or want to work. So before you earn the title of a master grower, you must have cultivated cannabis in a legal setting for several years, and be skilled in managing all aspects of its production. The aspects you will manage include cooperating and collaborating with other workers, hiring and firing employees, and training and allocation of roles to employees and cordial relationship with officials of the state. Consequently, you need good leadership and organizational skills. You also need to be knowledgeable in the laws guiding the production and marketing of cannabis in the state where you work. As you can see, it is a significant role which requires utmost dedication and vast industry knowledge. The good news, however, is that the roles are not too difficult for the candidates who are mentally and physically prepared.

What If I Don’t Have the Experience and Academic Qualifications?

For interested candidates who do not have the educational qualification or required years of experience, some companies employ and allow them to work for years to gain the required know-how and years of experience. This is one of the reasons why people take up jobs in the marijuana industry. People with varying educational backgrounds work for some time and earn attractive incomes while gaining valuable knowledge and skills in managing marijuana farms. They enjoy these benefits in addition to attaining master grower status. With such a learning and earning arrangement, you will in no time boost your credentials and become a pro master grower. 
Earning Income while Attaining Master Grower Status
There are various opportunities for interested persons to get employed, earn profitable salaries and develop the expertise of a master grower in cannabis cultivation. These include employment as a bud trimmer, grow assistant or budtender. 
The Trimmer 

Being a bud trimmer is a good step towards becoming a master grower. As a bud trimmer, your job is to cut the cannabis plant by hand and remove all excess leaves. You will also make sure the bud is properly manicured. Trimmers can earn as much as $12 to $18 per hour.

Grow Assistant 
The grow assistants work with the grower in the process of cultivating cannabis to maturity. They check things like the nutrient and humidity levels. This also affords you the opportunity of learning a lot from the grower. 
Budtenders are employed by cannabis companies to guide customers in their cannabis product. They provide information to customers on products suitable for them and answer their questions about the products. For this cannabis job, good communication skills are needed. You must also be updated on the laws guiding the buying and selling of the products.
The U.S. States With the Best Cannabis Job Prospects

Currently, 11 states in the U.S. have legalized recreational weed use. California, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maine are some of the states. Others are Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and District of Columbia. Apart from these 11, there are other 22 states with legal, medical marijuana laws, making it a total of 33 states with a cannabis-friendly environment. These are the states with the largest share of cannabis jobs in the United States. For instance, California alone has nearly 40,000 full-time marijuana jobs, followed by Colorado with over 34,000 employments. If you live in any of these 33 states, getting a cannabis job will be easier compared to job seekers in other states.