Top 10 Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

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Top 10 Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

As marijuana continues to be legalized, a new job market has emerged. Both the medical and recreational cannabis industry has created jobs that are in high demand. Cannabis is a massive business right now. It was stated to be worth $9 billion two years ago. This number has only grown since then. Studies have shown that over 200,000 jobs have been created due to the marijuana industry. We also expect this number to continue exploding. The CBD marijuana weed cannabis job market continues to create opportunities as more states embrace medical and recreational marijuana.

Who knows, your skills may be suitable for a number of cannabis-related employment opportunities. Some jobs are universal, and others are specific to the cannabis industry. In the following, we’ve listed some top jobs in the cannabis market that you may be interested in.

Bud Trimmer

This is considered an entry position. It is one of the lower paid jobs in the industry. Bud trimmers in California make on average $12-13 per hour. Some bud trimmers instead get paid by the pound. That may be beneficial if you’re a fast worker. You have to be careful though, this is a delicate job. You want to ensure you cut all the flower and bud from the plant. Everything needs to be separated and weighed accurately. If you’re looking to get started in the marijuana industry, this is a good position to look at.

Dispensary Manager

As a dispensary manager, you’re in charge of daily operations and the management of your staff. You’re also responsible for the customer’s needs and hiring a good team of budtenders. This is a managerial position that requires management experience as well as know-how of the cannabis industry.

Grower/Grow Master

The head grower works as a manager as well as a horticulturalist. In this position, you need to coordinate the daily operations of the dispensary while ensuring a high level of quality. You are in charge of equipment training and maintenance. A background in horticulture, as well as cannabis, is preferred. If you’re passionate about growing cannabis, then this position is for you.


As a budtender, you work at a dispensary in a customer service role. You’re there to answer all questions and provide the right information so that your customers can make the correct purchase. This position is similar to a sommelier for wine, instead, you’re working with cannabis. Budtenders should have excellent communication skills as well as experience with sales in the marijuana industry.

Delivery Driver/Person

This job is definitely universal. A delivery driver is responsible for delivering cannabis-related products to dispensaries and consumers. As a delivery person, you are in charge of loading and unloading the delivery vehicle as well as maintaining proper documentation. The marijuana industry requires a certain amount of legal compliance, so it is important you follow all regulatory measures regarding the delivery of marijuana. This can vary from state to state.

Edible Chef

Interested in the culinary side of the marijuana industry? Well, then maybe an edible chef position is for you. Marijuana is available for consumption in many forms. One of the most popular ways is to eat it. Marijuana can be cooked into baked goods, candy, tea, basically any kind of food. As an edible chef, you would be responsible for creating recipes and cooking up edible products. The edibles market also has other positions apart from being a chef. You can work on the assembly line, in labeling, or ingredient prep. This job definitely requires experience with food handling and cooking.

Retail Manager

Store managers are in need to run the growing number of cannabis retail stores. It is especially desirable if you have experience working in a dispensary or marijuana-related position. However, it is not a requirement. You do definitely need some experience in retail as well as management operations.

Extraction Technician

The growing number of cannabis extracts is truly incredible! Cannabis extracts represent a large chunk of the industry. Some dispensaries claim they are responsible for up to 40% of their store’s revenue. These technicians are often known as “extract artists” and require a high level of education. They’re also high-earners. These artists can earn anywhere from $75,000 to 125,000 per year. Some states have only allowed medical marijuana to be available in extract form.

These are just some of the positions available in the CBD marijuana weed cannabis industry. You can also become a webmaster, marketing lead generator, and customer service representative. The employment opportunities are seemingly endless. Good luck!